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   This Institute was established in 1977 in memory of Dr. Gustave Boissonade, who is known as the father of modern law in Japan and who contributed much to Hosei University during its formative period.
  The Institute has two principal objects. One is to collect and research materials concerning Boissonade that would otherwise be scattered and forgotten. The other is to make an interdisciplinary approach to several complicated legal phenomena in modern society that could no longer be analyzed with conventional legal approaches.

  For the second object, the Institute has established five research departments to make thorough investigation: departments of

  I.Municipal Law
 II.Sociological Jurisprudence
 III.International Relations
IV.Modern Law Systems
 V.Legal History
  Each year several project teams are set up to carry out comprehensive research in these areas. The constituent members are the academic staff of Hosei University and many specialists invited from other universities or research organizations.


The member of the research institute,the exclusive duty staff of a university,Hosei's graduate student, the general person too possible use.(As for the undergraduate, the use is possible)
Open timeMonday,Tuesday,Wensday,Thursday,Friday:
Lunch time(Closed)11:30-12:30
Close timeSaturday,Sunday,Holidays
also, during the summer & winter season holiday period,the university's anniversary of the founding, an entrance examination periods is shut.
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09:00-11:30 Open Closed
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  It is an open shelf expression. Please fill in reading list with a predetermined matter. Reading is only inter. Please use an appointed reading seat. In addition, some documents are closed for privacy protection. Please decline it to the person of in charge with saying on the occasion of warehousing by all means.

Boissonade Institute of Modern Law and politics
Address:17-1, Fujimi 2-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan 102-8160
22th Floor, Boissonade Tower, Fujimi Campus
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